Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fast Five!!!

So first of all, just take a look at my beautiful baby girl.  24 days away from being a year old :)  I'm definitely a proud mama!
I bought this dress before she was born and I'm ECSTATIC that it finally fits!

She was chewing on her dolls head.


Uhh, yeah those are my alabaster legs behing her.....

She points at stuff and says "Wasaat?"  For those of you that don't speak baby that means "What's that?"

See that I Smell Shit look?  She gets that from her mama.

And here's the little vlog I did for you :)


  1. haha sorry bout your voice :p
    and ur baby is adooorable :)

  2. First off, adorable little girl. I'm hoping to have a baby girl of my own in the months to come. I have tow boys already, but my heart aches for a 'daddy's girl.'

    Secondly, thanks for your comment. It takes some moxie to take the 'other side' of the debate, especially if you've read all the other comments.

    Like I mentioned in my post, I couldn't find any ultra-legitimate references to show proof, but that forum showed me a lot. I live in a heavy LDS area, and asked some of my mormon friends that are easy-going enough to have conversations instead of arguments. 7 out of 9 people I spoke to remember being lectured on this in seminary. I'm not saying it's mormon doctorine, but it is being mentioned by some teachers.

    As for my commenters, yeah, some are pretty closed-minded. You will find that in all cultures, whether religious or non religious. People believe stereotypes all the time. You won't find many coming out of my mouth though... I try to research and educate as much as I can.

    Anyway, thanks again. I appreciate the support by commenting. <3

  3. Oh, and congrats on finally hitting puberty (sorry, couldn't resist...)

  4. I'm starting to like you more and more! Haha. And I hope you get that 'Daddy's Girl' that you're hoping for. Also, I'm happy to be adding the word 'moxie' to the list of words people have used to describe me.
    From reading your blog I believe you're in...Idaho Falls? My Aunt and Uncle live just north of Rexburg, so I'm definitely familiar with the type of crazy you have to deal with every day, and I feel for you. Good luck with Idaho.