Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Beginning of an Adventure

I was feeling all mushy and stuff today, and when I feel mushy I write stuff.  Not my usual junk blog material.  I can be a fairly decent writer when I put a little effort into it.  So this is what I wrote today.  I've always had issues with sharing stuff like this, but I'm trying to get better at it.  So this is from an experience that I had on April 18, 2009.  And I was right.  It did change my life. 

Everyone should have that feeling at least once in their life.  If you’ve felt it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  One minute you’re dancing with some stranger and then, suddenly, it happens.  The music and people around you are muffled; like when you’re on an airplane and your ears pop and there’s those few seconds when you can’t hear right.  And then everything around you goes blurry; everything except for you and him.  It’s hot and humid, and you’re sweating, but you’re not worried about that.  His hands are around your waist; low enough to be sexy, but high enough to be respectful and you have your fingers linked behind his neck.  Your foreheads and the tips of your noses are pressed together.  You close your eyes like you would as if you were in the moment right before one of those movie kisses.  Your body moves with the music, but you’re not controlling it; it just moves by itself.  You open your eyes to look into his.  Your knees feel weak and your stomach flips.  Your heart skips a beat and you feel as if you can’t take any more air into your lungs.  And that’s when you know.  You know that from that exact moment, your life will never be the same again.  You know that whether it’s a good or bad thing, you will never forget this person, this moment, or this song.  The song ends, another couple bumps into you and you snap back into the real world.  He asks you if you want a breath of fresh air and you accept with a smile.  He takes you by the hand and you let him lead you outside; knowing that this would be the beginning of a very exciting adventure…

(So maybe you weren't dancing when you got that feeling.  Maybe you haven't experienced it yet.  Either way, what do you guys thing?)

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