Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Beginning of an Adventure

I was feeling all mushy and stuff today, and when I feel mushy I write stuff.  Not my usual junk blog material.  I can be a fairly decent writer when I put a little effort into it.  So this is what I wrote today.  I've always had issues with sharing stuff like this, but I'm trying to get better at it.  So this is from an experience that I had on April 18, 2009.  And I was right.  It did change my life. 

Everyone should have that feeling at least once in their life.  If you’ve felt it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  One minute you’re dancing with some stranger and then, suddenly, it happens.  The music and people around you are muffled; like when you’re on an airplane and your ears pop and there’s those few seconds when you can’t hear right.  And then everything around you goes blurry; everything except for you and him.  It’s hot and humid, and you’re sweating, but you’re not worried about that.  His hands are around your waist; low enough to be sexy, but high enough to be respectful and you have your fingers linked behind his neck.  Your foreheads and the tips of your noses are pressed together.  You close your eyes like you would as if you were in the moment right before one of those movie kisses.  Your body moves with the music, but you’re not controlling it; it just moves by itself.  You open your eyes to look into his.  Your knees feel weak and your stomach flips.  Your heart skips a beat and you feel as if you can’t take any more air into your lungs.  And that’s when you know.  You know that from that exact moment, your life will never be the same again.  You know that whether it’s a good or bad thing, you will never forget this person, this moment, or this song.  The song ends, another couple bumps into you and you snap back into the real world.  He asks you if you want a breath of fresh air and you accept with a smile.  He takes you by the hand and you let him lead you outside; knowing that this would be the beginning of a very exciting adventure…

(So maybe you weren't dancing when you got that feeling.  Maybe you haven't experienced it yet.  Either way, what do you guys thing?)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Vlog #7 Weight loss Challenge Monday

Before we get onto Weight loss Monday, I have to tell all of you to go watch Water for Elephants.  It's MAGICAL!  I gotta say I wasn't one of those people that's crazy about Robert Patterson, but OMG, I think I've changed my mind about him a little bit!!!  The movie was amazing.  Plus I'm a ginormous fan of Reese Witherspoon.  But yeah, you should see it ASAP because if you just happen to die without seeing that movie, you might possibly go to hell.  Just saying.

Ummm I hope you can see the whole video and not just that part of my face that I can see.  I uploaded the video a little differently this time so I hope it works.  Peace out.

P.S.  I have TEN followers now!!!  Boo-ya!  That's nothing compared to some of you, but I'm starting to feel better about it lol.

P.S.S. Sorry I'm so boring.  In real life I'm a very exciting person, and I'll be the first one to admit that my vlogs suck chipmunk balls.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Mama Drama. Only backwards.

I realize I haven't posted in about a week, and for that, I apologize, even though I kind of don't really give a shit. This last week has been absolutely horrible!!!  You know how guys complain about Baby Mama Drama?  Yeah, well, this week has been all about Baby Daddy Bull Shit for me.  BAH!  I haven't talked to him since June of last year aside from a message that he sent me a week before I got married in October, and then when I told him I was getting married I didn't here from him again.

Until Monday.

He must have remembered my little brother has my old cell phone so he sent him a text trying to find me.  I decided I'd give him a chance at being a part of Isabel's life because I know he wants to be, but I know him well enough to know that he's not going to act on it unless I open the door to it.  If that makes sense.  So yeah, drama, drama, drama all week long.  In his defense, he didn't know I was pregnant when he got deported left, and it was pretty impossible for him to come back after he found out that I was.  Also, I don't expect child support from someone that earns less than $10 a day.  And it's not like he's a lazy ass.  But the difference in currency is a little ridiculous.  ANYWAYS!
Do I miss him?  Yes.
Do I care about him?  Of course.  He's the father of my child.  He gave me the best gift EVER.
But do I want do be with him?  No.  I don't trust him.
 Do I want to move from northern Utah to a state in Mexico that is run mostly by drug cartels and a corrupt government?  Where kidnappings, be-headings, and mutulations happen several times a week?  No.  I do not.
If he came back here would I leave my husband?  No way.

This is what I've been trying to get across.  I think he finally got it today when I made him hang up on me.  This is how it went:

Him: What are you doing tonight?
Me: Going to Jackie's birthday party.
Him: Are you taking my daughter?
Me: Yes.
Him: Do you take her everywhere?
Me: Sometimes if I go out my mom watches her.
Him: You shouldn't do that.
Me: Look, when you help take care of her, get up at night with her, buy her formula, clothes, and diapers, clean up puke, poop, and boogers, then you can help me decide if I'm going to leave her with a babysitter once in a while so that I can have some 'me time'.  If all you've done to benefit her was donate your sperm, you don't get to be part of the decision making.

That's the translated version, because it's a whole lot funner to bitch at people in Spanish, and I've found it to be more affective.

I don't know how much of the last part he heard because the phone started beeping, telling me the call had been ended.  I felt kind of bad, because I'm sure he feels like shit now, but then I think about those times when I was pregnant when I felt alone and abandoned and worthless, and I feel a little better.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The rest of my birthday post

So I had a pretty freakin awesome birthday!  At one point in my day I think I actually said "This is my best birthday so far!"

This is how I started out my morning :)  Happy baby, happy mommy.  I bought her a new outfit for my birthday.  I dunno what was going on, but she was in a happier, sillier mood that day than I've ever seen her and it was awesome!

Some of my students have been just as excited for my birthday as I have.  They've been planning this for a while now, and I'm trying to convince them to start a fan club. 

They even got me this awesome pimp hat and sunglasses.  And you can't see my pen very well, but they got me a pen with Woody from Toy Story on it.  I don't really know why.

Also, in one of the classes that I help with they have a student teacher, and while I was out of the room helping some other students, they made me birthday cards.  One girl wrote this:

"Woot woot!  It's your birthday!  The reason that I love your face is because you're prettay tight home-girl lol (: I can totally trust you. Wish you thee best birff-day ever; Thanks for everything. Hope you never forget my face because I ain't going to forget yours, your tough and a prettay strong girl; hope you still work here till thee end haha if you want!  And I'm gonna take your advice about my boyfriend. Love ya."

Some may see that as a silly note, but I seriously had to keep myself from crying as I was reading it (because there were students there; and you can't let them know you're weak! haha)  All I want to do is try to make other peoples' lives better and make a difference, and I feel like I'm doing that with these kids.  I've totally been where they have (well, except that I was white), but I had the same disliking for some of my teachers as they do, and to know that they trust, respect, and look up to me, means more than any paycheck I've gotten.

Another girl thanked me for helping her and said that if I wasn't an aide that she would hang out with me.

One boy thanked me for taking my time to help him a lot and said that I'm a good friend.

So then I picked up Isabel from the babysitter.  The babysitter helped her color on a piece of paper and she traced her hand and write "Happy Birthday Mommy" on it.  And then she took a bite out of it to make it authentic Isabel.  That almost made me cry as well.  And then babysitters daughter made me a card too with what I'm pretty sure is a flower on it lol.

In the evening we had a few friends over and we had spaghetti and meatballs with my family.  Nothing fancy, but I liked it.  (Which is weird because I love fancy).

Peace out for now, people.  I'm going to the midnight movie with my lover, Megan.  We're going to see Arthur.

 Oh and I got new glasses 8)  I like them a lot.  I haven't worn my contacts since Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

20 Years Young!!!

 Yay for my birthday!!!  A lot happened and I don't really have tons of time to tell you about it because, well, my birthday isn't over for another hour and I've got stuff to do before it's over. 

But here's my cup cakes 
And here's me with cupcake all over me
This shit happens when you marry a Latino.  It's tradition.

More to come about my birthday tomorrow hopefull, but for now I wanna tell you all about the giveaway that Sara is having over at Sara's Organized Chaos.  She's giving away a box of crazy, and believe me people, this girl knows about her crazy!  So head on over there and check her fine ass out!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weightloss Challenge Monday

Weightloss Monday people!!! Mooooooo!!! Or in the words of one of my students "Poop!" I took a picture of the scale but my dumb phone sent it all stupid. So I weigh 170.0. Do you know what I see when I see that number? 1,700. Ewwww! Oh well, tomorrow is my birthday and then I am getting down to business. Plus the weather if FINALLY getting better. It got up to about 60 today which is AMAZING! Cangrejo and I took Isabel outside to play and she was sooo excited. She loved it.

Really soon, the soccer league that my husband plays in will be starting up and I'm way excited. There's games every Sunday and it's at this place where there's 4 soccer fields and so I can walk around those while we're waiting for games to start and stuff. Plus, it's almost summer so I can actually get outside and not sit on my fat ass eating all damn day. Good luck to the rest of you participating in the challenge!!! And for those of you not linked up go HERE to find out more!

At about 1:15 does it sound like I said "farting"? Haha

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh, yes, I did...

I paid five bucks to get my picture taken with these guys.  Dead serious.  I don't know what came over Cangrejo, but he was begging me to get our picture taken.  We were at the Fun Park, it's this place that has like a roller rink, pool tables, cosmic bowling, arcade games, and stuff like that.  These guys were there raising money for Relay for Life.  (Which, if you live under a rock, and don't know what Relay for Life is, educate yourself HERE)  That was one of the reasons he was able to convince me to do it because one of my best friends in the entire world fought off thyroid cancer.  Twice.  Before she graduated from high school.
The other reason I did it was that my oldest brother is a major Star Wars nerd.  The only thing he would have to do to be THE Ultimate Star Wars Nerd, would be to dress up with these guys and get his picture taken with screaming 5-year-olds.
Have I mentioned that I'm terrified of people in masks and/or costumes?  I can handle the costumes on Halloween, and I love to dress up, personally, but even on Halloween I can't stand masks.  Masks make me cry.  Seriously.  I decided I would be fine with the guys in costumes.  Especially since I recognized the one on the far left as the guy that delivers Pepsi to several stores in the area.  I didn't see the freakin storm trooper in the back room or else I probably wouldn't have taken the fucking picture.  I HATE MASKS.  Right before the lady takes the picture I glanced over my shoulder and that mother fucker is standing there with his stupid plastic gun and his dumb little hat mask thingy and it was all I could do to turn around and smile for the stupid picture.  And you can believe that the second that flash went off I was OUT OF THERE!  The lady was like "Go back!  Let's take one more for good measure!"  And I was just like, "No thanks, that one should be fine, I didn't blink, I promise, no really, it's fine, there's a line and I don't wanna keep these little kids waiting, SCREW YOU CAMERA LADY!!!  I'M NOT GOING BACK THERE EVER AGAIN YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!!"................Alright, so I exaggerated the last part a little bit, but that's what was going on in my head, and in my rush, I did run into the guy making balloon light sabers.

Okay.  Well, I'm going to watch the Spanish channel with my husband.  There's something on about a fat girl that has sex with animals.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things to look forward to...

 So first of all: HOLLA!  To my new followa!  Everyone say hullerr to The Mrs!  That puts me at 8 followers, people, things are looking up!  So far I've ended every sentence with an exclamation mark.  Until that one.  Sorry.  Sooo I gotta show ya'll my newest nephew

His name is Kyson and he was born on April 4th.
Here are my nephews numbers 4, 3, and 7 ♥
Mason, Stockton, and Kyson.

Alright people my birthday is in 4 DAYS.  It's on Tuesday.  And SUPPOSEDLY something awesome is going to happen so I'm hoping to give you guys an awesome post.  Me and my honey celebrated my birthday today because we're not sure we'll have money on Tuesday so we went out to eat.  Here we are being handsome:

And can I just say WOW we have both gotten pretty darn chubby since the wedding.  I don't know what it is, but we're blowing up like balloons, and it's got to stop.  It's going to stop.  I've actually exercised this week and as soon as I'm done shoving my face with cake and Mt. Dew on my birthday, I'm cutting shit out of my diet because, let me tell you, I'm am one of the WORST eaters ever.  EVER.  I am alive because I eat chocolate.  Seriously.  I've kind of been keeping track and chocolate is the majority of my diet.  It's disgusting the amount of chocolate that I digest.  As soon as I get paid, I'm going grocery shopping for healthy stuff.  I'm actually considering going vegan for a couple weeks because, have you ever seen a fat vegan?  NO.  I didn't think so.  I'm a steak and potatoes kinda girl and this is gonna be rough, but I can do it.

Have I mentioned I might be going to El Salvador in August/September?  Do you know how awesome the weather is that time of year there?  I'd being staying with Cangri's grandparents or his aunt and they live about 20 minutes away from this beach:

La Costa del Sol, El Salvador

Yeah, we gotta get this body beach ready.  Pronto.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vlog #5 Weightloss Challenge

Once again people, it is Weightloss Monday. In other words: Poo on toast. I really sucked it up this week so if anyone was looking to me for inspiration you better stop.