Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love Me

Oh, heyyyy!  I didn't tell you all last night that I joined Twitter!  Find me, follow me, love me here.  I used to have one, and then I never used it.  But I think I'll use this one.   


I dyed my hair black.....

This is before.....

And AFTER!  Sha-zam!

Yeah.  I did my eyebrows too that's why my skin looks purpleish because this picture was taken like RIGHT AFTER I washed that junk out.  But a person CANNOT have black hair and blonde eyebrows.  The end.

P.S.......Look at my cute baby.

She's hood.  And she's FINALLY a walking machine!


  1. Has she tore everything up now that she can move around??? Jackson walked at 9 months and seriously- it's been downhill since.

  2. Yeah, nothing is safe. She tore stuff up when she was crawling, but now she can spin until she's dizzy and knock over book shelves on top of herself.