Monday, August 22, 2011

Photo time!

This post came out longer than expected.  I probably should have split it into 2 posts, but I'm feeling abnoxious we go.

So I realize I never posted anything about Jenny's quinceñera.....probably because like, 3 days after we took of for Colorado and then ended up in Texas for a while.  SO I don't really feel like writing a bunch about something that happened so long ago, but I'm going to post some pictures because, um, hi, we looked fabulous.

My beautiful babies ♥

I realize I'm standing funny but, like I said, fabulous. . . . .except for the weird tan lines.

This is Jenny's brother and Cangrejo's friend from El Salvador..........okay, and my ex, but we won't get into that today.


Last week we drove 3 hours to go to a family picnic with my grama at the assisted living place that she lives at.  We took pictures.
Due to the attractiveness of this photo, I've decided to take up cigar smoking.  Or even just letting an unlit one hanging out of my mouth.  I think it will be cheaper that way.

And then Isabel started being all sorts of adorable.

And playing peek-a-boo.

And some other cute stuff.

And some more.

Awww hugging her daddy ♥

And they fell asleep on the way home :)

Big smiles :)

Oh, and my dad gave Cangrejo Twizzler titties when he fell asleep hahaha.

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