Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things to look forward to...

 So first of all: HOLLA!  To my new followa!  Everyone say hullerr to The Mrs!  That puts me at 8 followers, people, things are looking up!  So far I've ended every sentence with an exclamation mark.  Until that one.  Sorry.  Sooo I gotta show ya'll my newest nephew

His name is Kyson and he was born on April 4th.
Here are my nephews numbers 4, 3, and 7 ♥
Mason, Stockton, and Kyson.

Alright people my birthday is in 4 DAYS.  It's on Tuesday.  And SUPPOSEDLY something awesome is going to happen so I'm hoping to give you guys an awesome post.  Me and my honey celebrated my birthday today because we're not sure we'll have money on Tuesday so we went out to eat.  Here we are being handsome:

And can I just say WOW we have both gotten pretty darn chubby since the wedding.  I don't know what it is, but we're blowing up like balloons, and it's got to stop.  It's going to stop.  I've actually exercised this week and as soon as I'm done shoving my face with cake and Mt. Dew on my birthday, I'm cutting shit out of my diet because, let me tell you, I'm am one of the WORST eaters ever.  EVER.  I am alive because I eat chocolate.  Seriously.  I've kind of been keeping track and chocolate is the majority of my diet.  It's disgusting the amount of chocolate that I digest.  As soon as I get paid, I'm going grocery shopping for healthy stuff.  I'm actually considering going vegan for a couple weeks because, have you ever seen a fat vegan?  NO.  I didn't think so.  I'm a steak and potatoes kinda girl and this is gonna be rough, but I can do it.

Have I mentioned I might be going to El Salvador in August/September?  Do you know how awesome the weather is that time of year there?  I'd being staying with Cangri's grandparents or his aunt and they live about 20 minutes away from this beach:

La Costa del Sol, El Salvador

Yeah, we gotta get this body beach ready.  Pronto.

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