Monday, April 11, 2011

Weightloss Challenge Monday

Weightloss Monday people!!! Mooooooo!!! Or in the words of one of my students "Poop!" I took a picture of the scale but my dumb phone sent it all stupid. So I weigh 170.0. Do you know what I see when I see that number? 1,700. Ewwww! Oh well, tomorrow is my birthday and then I am getting down to business. Plus the weather if FINALLY getting better. It got up to about 60 today which is AMAZING! Cangrejo and I took Isabel outside to play and she was sooo excited. She loved it.

Really soon, the soccer league that my husband plays in will be starting up and I'm way excited. There's games every Sunday and it's at this place where there's 4 soccer fields and so I can walk around those while we're waiting for games to start and stuff. Plus, it's almost summer so I can actually get outside and not sit on my fat ass eating all damn day. Good luck to the rest of you participating in the challenge!!! And for those of you not linked up go HERE to find out more!

At about 1:15 does it sound like I said "farting"? Haha

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