Monday, May 30, 2011

Weightloss Challenge Monday.....and some other stuff

First of all, happy Memorial Day, people.  I hope you had a good one.

HOLLA!  To my new FOLLOWA!  Haha, hello, Kendra.  Ladies and gentlemen I've known this chica for quite a few years.  She pretty much rocks.

So, it snowed today.....Yeah.  Memorial Day and it freakin snowed.  Not where I live, but we drove like an hour and a half to wear my dad grew up in Idaho and it freakin snowed on us.  Refrickindiculous.  And it rained here all weekend, but this week is supposed to get nice so I'm crossing my fingers.  And toes.  7 months of winter is too much, folks.

I'm kind of bummed because tonight is the season finale of a novela that I LOVE.  (A novela is like a soap opera, but it's in Spanish.)  It's called La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South) and it's about this Mexican lady named Teresa Mendoza that becomes a narco (drug trafficker).  I haven't watched it from the beginning, so I'm not 100% sure why she became a narco, but I think it has something to do with her ex-boyfriend who was killed in a car crash.  Or he was shot.  I dunno, something like that haha.

Teresa is played by Kate del Castillo, and yeah, she is as bad ass as she looks.  I can't watch it every night because I don't have cable or satellite so it's not on my TV until 11 pm, and I can't stay up that late all the time.  But last I watched, people were plotting to kill her, she found out she was pregnant (and everyone else found out that her stupid boyfriend is cheating on her), and some crazy drugged up lesbian killed this chick she was in love with because she found out she was a cop.  And then she died.  So even though I have to be to work early tomorrow, I think I'm gonna stay up to see what happens.

Hope ya'll had a good Monday.  Here's my vlog for today :)

And oh yeah...I went to a quinceañera on Saturday with Daysy.
Oh, hot damn.
But that's a whole other can of frijoles that we're not gonna go into tonight.


  1. OMG - What is it about Espinoza?! ... I got something bad for him - like it makes my heart hurt - just the sound of his voice. LOL. I want to cry too because he never comes to the DC area. I went to the Latin Billboard Awards in Miami and he was so close yet so far away, I wanted to burst into tears but managed to hold it together. SIGH.

    In case you're interested...

    Here is my post about my crush on him:

    And the video of how close I got to him is on this post here:

  2. Ohhh my I'm definitely going to have to check those out!!!
    On time when my friend was flying to Mexico she sat next to someone that she said looked EXACTLY like him with braces and everything and he was TALKING TO HER!! I was like "Did you ask for his name?" And she was like "No I was too nervous"