Monday, May 16, 2011

Weightloss Challenege Monday.....again

Woo-hoo for the Weightloss Monday Check-in.  I think I call it something different every week, but whatever.  You get the gist.  I was going to make a vlog for ya'll today but it kind of turned into a poo on toast kind of day so it's not gonna happen.  
Sorry, I know you're all REALLY disappointed.  
I haven't actually done that much exercise this week, but I've lost a couple pounds because I've been really grumpy and when I'm grumpy I don't like to be around people.  Therefore, I don't go in the kitchen, and obviously that's where we keep the food soo.....there you go.  The times that I have actually eaten though, I cut back on my portions.  And I can't remember the last time I had a mountain dew (cause I've been broke for a long time). 
I have gone to the soccer field 3 days this week though, and I played soccer with all the little kids while their dads were practicing. 
(The whole time I'm thinking.....Why didn't the kids just stay home with their moms???  Whatever.) 
And of course playing soccer while holding an almost 1 year old isn't what I would call easy sooo maybe all that helped me out a little.  I did actually start doing sit ups before I go to bed and I'm starting to feel it.  I guess you could say that I am doing better than I have been and I probably have the warm weather to thank.  
During Utah's 7 month winter I get sooo lazy because I hate being cold, but if it's sunny and at least like 45 degrees I'm outside.  

Saturday I took Isabel to the Health Days Parade. 
It was probably the worst parade I've ever seen.  
It's just turning into an advertisement.  There were maybe 10 floats and then like 60 trucks with some cheesy logo on the side and people walking around handing out fliers.  
Isabel got a freaking tan.  The one thing I will never be able to pass on to anyone, is the ability to tan.  Lucky for her, her dad is a very, very brown Mexican and the combination of our skin colors is pretty amazing.  
We may not be together anymore, but we made one beautiful kid.  
I got an awesome sunburn, which has moved into the itchy stage.  
But I only have to put up with one or two miserable sunburns at the beginning of the summer, and then I'm usually okay.  Anyways, that's all for today.

This is me and Isabel pre-sun.
She puts her hands on her head whenever someone says 'Oh my goodness'.
It's a good thing she's pretty, cause she's gonna grow up to be a weirdo like her mama.

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  1. Yay for exercising! I would definitely say soccer counts FO SHO. You did way more than I did this week!!