Monday, January 3, 2011

Weight Loss 2011

Okay, people, let's not waste any time.  Hopefully within the next week I'm posting my 'before' picture.  I bought a fat-burning cardio dance workout DVD with some of the Dancing With the Stars girls, and I WILL look good by June.  Why June, you ask?  Because the hubby and I are going to be Padrinos for his cousin's quincenera.  In California.  Guess what.  California?  Is by the ocean.  I?  Have only been to the ocean once, and it was April in northern Oregon so it was freezing and all I did was stick my big toe in so my mom could take a picture.  After I had my baby in May I was sure that I was going to stay skinny, so I bought a bikini.  And then I put 40 pounds on.  GROSS!  I currently weigh 10 pounds more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is a serious problem.

Also, those of you from California or that have been there, are going to be like really?  What's wrong with this girl?  But, I've never been to California, okay?  And I'm really excited about going to California, and about meeting more of my hubby's family, and I want to look impressive.  I'm even gonna go tanning.  Because I'm whiter than most white people.  Seriously.  And I have to go tanning to an actual tanning salon, because if I try to tan in the sun I just turn pink.  Soooo, ya'll give me some input if you think a spray tan or a tanning bed is better. Thanks.  And when I post the before picture, I'll post other stuff like my waist size, weight, stuff like that.

Oh, and coming up this month is one of my best friend's wedding, and I'm a bridesmaid.  Yeah, she only informed me like 2 weeks ago, and I would have got started then, but it was right before Christmas, and then there was New Years, and so I started my diet today.  And just a little while ago I hustled and mamboed my little behind off!  Seriously, my behind is little.  My butt and my wrists are the only parts of my body that don't get fat, and honestly I wouldn't mind a little bit of a booty.  Well, I promise that this week I'll get that post up. Have fun without me until then.

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