Friday, January 14, 2011

Under the Knife

Okay, I didn't do the post I promised.  The last week has kind of been nuts and screwed up.  Monday morning at about 2 I had a fever and I was throwing up.  Later that day, I was tricked into going to the doctor.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I DO NOT go to the doctor.  I can only think of 2 or 3 times in my life that I've actually ASKED to be taken to the doctor.  Once with a gal bladder attack when I was prego, and once when I was like 15 and my chest was burning so bad and I was coughing up stomach acid and blood.  If I ASK to be taken to the doctor, my family knows that something must be seriously wrong.  So Monday afternoon Cangrejo said we would go to Walmart to get me some juice, but he insisted on driving because I was feeling kind of dizzy.  20 minutes later he pulled up in front of Instacare.  Um......I don't think so.  When he turned off the car I took the keys.  He got out to walk around to my side, so I locked the doors, and he pulled out an extra set of keys.  Damn it.  He offered to drag me into the building, but I didn't want slush all over me so I walked.  I got up to the counter and the lady was like "Can I help you?"  I said, "I'm sick and he made me come here."

So it was decided by the Instacare doctor that it was probably my gal bladder acting up again and so she called the surgeon people at the hospital and they set me up an appointment with the surgeon.  I went to see him the next day, and he scheduled my surgery.  They didn't even do an ultrasound on my gal bladder.  He decided it was unnecessary from looking at the ultrasound they did on it while I was pregnant.  See, I didn't have gal STONES.  What I had was more like gal GRAVEL.  Tons of tiny, crystal looking stones rolling around in there.  So at 8:30 this morning I went to the hospital to get cut open.  I wasn't all that nervous.  The surgeon said I had to be at least a little nervous or else he was going to have to call the psychiatric department.  Haha.  He was funny, I guess.  The anesthesiologist knew my dad.  (My dad and Cangrejo went with me, and my mom stayed home with Isabel.)  He was pretty cool too.  So the put me out, which is AWESOME.  That's my favorite part about going to the hospital.  I don't remember what really happened after that.  Duh.

An hour and a half later, I started waking up.  I was screaming and moaning and crying, because bitches, I was in some serious pain.  So I guess they stuck another dose of anesthesia in my IV and I was out for another hour and a half.  They made me try to go pee, and I sat in the bathroom for what felt like forever and I couldn't.  (And I was kind of thinking, you guys wouldn't let me eat or drink after midnight, so my tank is probably empty.)  Instead of just letting me off the hook they used a catheter.  I won't go into any other details about that, other than it hurt and I wanted to punch the nurse.  Then they gave me some really yummy apple juice that I had to drink until I could prove to them that I was able to pee by myself.

Anyways I guess while I was out the doctor told my dad (and the Spanish-speaking nurse explained to Cangrejo) that my gal bladder was shaped abnormally and instead of having one tube going in and one tube going out, I had two going in and two going out.  He said they only see that kind of stuff in books during medical school.  So that makes me feel pretty awesome.  Well......I think my lortab is wearing off.  And even though I slept all day thanks to all the drugs, I'm pretty damn tired sooooo I'll be going to bed now.

Oh and P.S.  I feel really bad because I'm not supposed to lift anything 20 lbs or more for at least 3 weeks and I'm not supposed to hold Isabel until my staples are out in a week.  :(  Isabel is about 19.5 lbs and she's a mama's girl and she wants her mommy :(

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