Monday, January 17, 2011

DaY oNe

So I've decided to do this 30 Day Photo Challenge that I found over at Holly Days.  I just started following her and she's pretty awesome so far, so check her out.  There's a couple different versions of this I think (I saw some people doing it on Facebook, too) but she tweaked it and added some writing.  I'm hoping to take some new photos to go with it instead of just using what's already on my computer in order to expand  I can't promise that I'll post every single day, and some days I might do more than one post, but I'm gonna finish is.  By my birthday.  Which is in April.  So, yeah, here we go.

Day 1: Post a photo of yourself along with 15 facts about you.
1-I'm naturally blonde.  I think.
2-Some days I think I'm really pretty.
3-Other days not so much.
4-While some people think that having a baby ruined my life, I KNOW that I would be in a much worse place without my baby girl.
5-I lied to my parents wayyyy to much during high school.
6-I am not as friendly as people think I am.
7-I'm not as happy as people think I am.
8-I HATE my stomach and inner thighs.
9-I LOVE my boobs and my calves.  And sometimes shoulders.
10-My weakness is milk chocolate.  No nuts.  No nougat.  No caramel.  Just chocolate.
11-I have a very hard time showing any sort of emotion that would make me seem 'weak'.
12-I beat myself up all the time for quitting dance.
13-I beat myself up for quitting percussion just because the band kids were annoying.
14-I want to be famous for doing something awesome that helps a lot of people.
15-If you say something racist around me, you are automatically at the top of my shit list, and I will let you know.

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