Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Day Three: Post a photo of the cast from your favorite show. Why do you love this particular show so much? Who is your favorite cast member & why?
Why do I love this show so much?  There are so many reasons.  It's just soooo funny.  And I've always secretly wanted the life that they had.  To live in the city with some really good friends, and just, you know, be awesome.  I'm not sure I can pick a favorite cast member.  Phoebe is so great and I can kind of relate to her randomness.  Joey is the guy friend that everyone needs.  I totally understand Monica and her need to be in control.  Ross.....well.  He's kind of a pussy, and that's funny.  I LOVE Rachel.  I want to be her.  She's gorgeous, and she works in fashion, which would be awesome, and guys love her.  Chandler needs some serious help.  But he's hilarious.  FRIENDS is a little before my time, but my older brother used to watch it ALL THE TIME and he has all 10 seasons on DVD so I borrow them sometimes and watch them start to finish.  Depending on work and school and stuff it usually only takes about 3 months.

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