Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mer-Chris-Hap-New-Yea-January...or something

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and sorry for neglecting my blog and bla bla bla bla bla.  I had a lot of stuff to write about in December and I didn't because I was like a monster bitch for most of the month so I mostly sulked around and made people want to punch me in the kidneys.  I haven't got a paycheck since the last day of November and that check came out to a whopping 13 cents.  I have applied for probably close to 20 jobs and I've had 2 interviews.  I got hired at a temp service, and I haven't had any jobs from that yet.  I got hired as a substitute teacher, but I can't start until they have orientation and after 3 weeks they have yet to inform me when that is even though I've been calling about every other day.  

I'm getting off subject...I was bitchy in December because we were broke and Christmas was coming and it was supposed to be Isabel's first awesome Christmas, because, let's be honest, a baby's first Christmas is not that exciting. I made about $140 dollars helping this lady wrap her Christmas presents, putting up Christmas lights, and organizing her file cabinet.  That was enough to put gas in my car and get a few presents for family.  Cangrejo and I didn't get anything for each other and the few days leading up to Christmas were a billion times worse with my craziness than the rest of the month.  Why?  Cause I was feeling crappy that I couldn't get my husband anything and that I couldn't get Isabel everything that I wanted to.  We got her a Dora tricycle, which she loves, and thanks to my mom she got a few other things from Santa.  

Christmas Eve came and I just wanted to roll into a ball and cry my eyes out.  Isabel had a bit of a cold and was not cooperating with bed time.  We finally got her to bed at about 11:50 and no sooner had we gotten ourselves ready for bed and the doorbell rang.  I looked out on the porch and there were three bags sitting there.  There was a cherry pie, a bag of oranges, and then a few gifts for me, Cangrejo, and Isabel and they were all labeled 'From Santa'.  I don't know who did it, but it must have been someone that knows us pretty well, because I hadn't really told anyone about our 'situation' (I hate that word).  I was so, so grateful, and I cried for.........a while.  It also made me feel like a big jerk for feeling so bad about not getting presents for ourselves and it helped remind me that I had other things to be grateful for.  

We might not have much to call 'ours'.  I'm still driving my parents car that they've been letting me use since I was 16.  I have a baby and have been married for over a year and I'm still living in my parent's basement.  But some people have a lot less.  Some people don't have transportation or anywhere to live or anyone that will buy their baby diapers when they're a few dollars short.  A lot of women are raising they're babies by themselves or with men that treat them badly or that don't love them, and I have someone that is always there for me and that is a wonderful father to my daughter.

I know I'm kind of going on and on about this, but I needed to let it out, and I hope that the rest of you had wonderful holidays with your families.  I hope the new year brings great things for all of you, and honestly, I hope there's some great things for me, too.

Isabel thought it was great that neighbors kept bringing plates of goodies to the house, and we had to keep them away from the edge of the table or else this happened.

Oh...and we're still really short on's weird, but I like it.


  1. I hope there are some good things for you this year too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I experienced something very similar to what you wrote about above once. How nice that "Santa" stopped by.... It is a great feeling to know you have someone out there who cares about you and wanted to make your Christmas even better!

    Loved the pics! Your little girl is precious.