Saturday, January 21, 2012

My First Tutorial!

Yay for my first tutorial ever!  
Me and my mom got Isabel this dress at Walmart.  I love zebra print, but as cute as I thought this dress was, I thought it could use some snazzing up, and I figured I would show you how I did it!

 First I just got some ribbon that I had laying around.  It started out at about 3 feet long, but I ended up trimming it at the end.  Fold it in half so that it's equal length on both sides and then pin the middle of the ribbon to the middle of the front side of the dress.  When you pin it, put your hand in the middle of the dress so that you don't pin the front to the back.

 When you put it on your sewing machine, (or if you're crazy and decide to sew it by hand) make sure you don't sew the front to the back.  I just made two lines of straight stitching and made sure not to do it too long, because since the dress is made of stretchy material and the ribbon isn't, you could end up busting the stitches if the dress ever stretches out to much.

 I bought these two little ribbon flowers (or you could make a bow or something) and then pinned them on where I wanted them. (Again, make sure you don't pin them to both sides of the dress.

I used a small embroidery hoop to keep the fabric tight and to keep the ribbon from getting in the way and then I used an embroidery needle and regular sewing thread to sew on the flowers.  Make sure that you sew close to the middle and underneath the top layers of the flowers so that the stitches don't show.  (AND DON'T SEW THE BACK OF THE DRESS TO THE FRONT)
Then just take the embroidery hoop, and voila!
Here's the front.

And here's the back.
This is when I trimmed the ribbon, because I could see how long it was on her so now it's actually about the same length as the dress.

I hope it all made sense!  I'm hoping to do some more tutorials eventually, but this won't be a craft blog by any means, because I am not that motivated.

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  1. The dress came out really cute! Great job. I wish I could sew. I suck! I don't think I could even sew a ribbon on.