Monday, December 19, 2011

Minnesota Make Out

I want to bring to light something that I think is SICK AND WRONG.  Well, I guess it was already brought to light when this video went viral.  I will admit, it's kind of funny, but it really is disgusting, and it makes me wonder how many parents would go along with this.  HERE you can find the report that CNN did on it, including an interview with the principal.

Watched the videos?  Alright, here I go.  WHAT IN TARNATION?!?!?!  While I wouldn't say that this 'offends' me, it disgusts me.  WHY?!  Why would any parent do that?  I will say, my high school did something kind of similar, but it was a kiss on the cheek.  THAT'S OKAY.  But did you see on the video where one kid and his mom had moved from kissing to ROLLING ON THE FLOOR?!  I definitely think that there are some better ways to get kids 'pepped'.  Go back to the first video and pause it at about :28 or :29 seconds and you'll notice that OMG! THAT MOM IS MAKING HER SON GRAB HER ASS!!!!!  And some of those embraces from father to daughter?  That would make me VERY uncomfortable.  Also, somewhere else I read that this is an ONGOING TRADITION that they do every six years.  Um...what?  A lot of people are actually saying that people offended by the video just need to get a better sense of humor.  What?  What is wrong with people?  Maybe they need a little visit from CPS.

For those of you still looking for a career, I suggest you move to Minnesota and become a therapist, because you'll probably be set for work for the rest of your life.


  1. I had the same reaction!! How is incest funny?! is beyond my comprehension how any parent would find this funny or acceptable...not to mention all the other people involved. amen...

  2. Exactly! And how did this happen more than once?!?!

  3. OMG! Totally inappropriate and SICK! People are crazy! What school would agree/come up with this idea! 'tan LOCOS!