Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If only everyone could be this awesome.....

Remember when I mentioned that not real Mexican food Mexican restaurant where I used to work???  And then I mentioned my freaking awesome manager?  (Who by the way was supposed to start guest posting every once in a while.....)  Well said restaurant has a new owner and things aren't really going that well for people that have worked there for, oh, about 7 years, like my buddy Megan.  And it's pretty crappy for everyone else, or so I've heard.  ANYWAY, long story short, Megan is moving back to her homeland of Californ-i-a.  Poop.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is crappy.  However, we're taking advantage of the time that she has left (wow, it sounds like she's going to die.)  About a week ago we went to eat at Chili's and then to see the Green Lantern in 3D.  This is just some of the awesomeness that ensued.  I can't actually show you all of the pictures, because their a little bit incriminating.  Enjoy.

We're upside down visor cool.

Meggy-Poo.  It fits, right?

Just rockin' out to the Beib.

Megan always makes fun of people that take pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror.  So we did.

How could you not want to go to the movies with us???  I'm pretty sure the guy that was sitting in front of us (by himself) was jealous.

Wow.  Or maybe not.

Ummm. . . . . .I don't really know what happened here.

This is the traditional foot picture.  My legs are the really white ones.

Next Tuesday we're going to "LAGOON!!! It's what fun is!"  It'll be kind of our last Hoorah as a team, so I'm sure I'll have some pretty awesome pictures to show you.  I know you're all just waiting at the edge of your seats for it.  So, stay tuned.

Oh, AND!  Cangrejo and I are going to be padrinos de musica* for a girl's quinceñera**, and I'm sewing myself a dress that's going to be FAB-U-LOUS.  I hope.  So wish me luck.

*Padrinos de musica means that we're helping pay for the band that's going to be playing at the party, and that counts as our gift to her.  Hispanics get padrinos for all their big parties.  Some help pay for decorations, some for music, some for food, whatever you need for your wedding, quince, birthday party, or whatever, you can find someone to help pay for it.  And all you have to do for them?  Is list their name on a piece of paper that you send with the invitation saying thank you and then you give them a second of recognition at the party.  Am I freaking psyched that my name is first on the list under music?  Um, YEAH!  Am I super excited for my 5 seconds of recognition in front of all the guests?(Probably around 250-300 people) OF COURSE!!!

**I think I've explained before that a quinceñera is when a Latina turns 15 and they have a big party for her (kind of like a cotillion).  Seriously, a huge party.  Some people use their life savings to pay for their daughter's 15.  They'll usually have a presentation or ceremony of some sort in whatever church they attend, followed by a HUGE comida (dinner), and then a great big dance afterwards with either a band or a DJ.  

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