Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So those BIG changes that I mentioned in my last post came a little sooner than I was hoping.  Actually A LOT sooner than I was expecting.  And the 'plans' we had made, have changed.

We WERE planning on moving to California.  We were going to stay here to save up money and go in October-ish.  Cangrejo has a SHIT TON of family that lives in San Jose and we were going to stay with one of his cousins until we found an apartment.  I was pretty excited, honestly.  I've never met his family that lives there with the exception of one of his cousins, and I was looking forward to meeting them.  I've never even been to California and the prospect of LIVING somewhere that doesn't have below freezing temperatures for 8 months out of the year was VERY appealing to me.

Now we're not going to California anymore.

We're going somewhere else.

Somewhere where the weather is very similar to Utah weather (maybe colder).

Somewhere where neither of us have ever been.

Somewhere where we know absolutely NO ONE.

My cuñado and his prego girlfriend are moving there to (so I guess we will know SOMEONE).

Ladies and gentlemen, we're moving to Pueblo, Colorado.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry some more.


  1. Colorado is supposed to be terrific. The lure of California will still be there in awhile. I moved to Arizona in 1985 and now I'm trying to work out a plan to move back east by going back to school so it'll be easier to find a job. Hold tight and embrace the change.

  2. Im from Colorado ey ey ey..aya nacen las viejas mas chingonas... im serious... b careful when u get up into Denver... but ull love it... their is so much raza... so much to do... and pueblo is so purty I wanted to go to school there .. ull love it! I will be up there in a few months..