Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Real This Time!

So, after several months of zero progress in my whole weight loss crap, I'm finally bucking down and forcing myself to do it.  It's hard, and I'm hungry.  It's not like I'm starving myself either.  I've made a profile on MyFitnessPal and it's GREAT.  It helps me keep track of not just my calorie intake, but also carbs, fat, and protein, and my daily exercise with the approximate amount of calories burned.  I can also keep track of how much water I drink daily and chat with other people that are using the site.  I think I finally found something that can work for me!!!

The only problem I'm facing. . . . .is my husband.  I don't really understand why, and I probably never will, but Hispanic men (most of them anyways) DO NOT CARE if their wife is a Fatty McFatterson, and he thinks that I'm starving myself.  I was getting a little hungry about an hour ago and said I would just sip on some water, because I hadn't had enough today anyways.  He insisted I eat something.  I still had some calories/carbs/protein/fat left for today, so I decided I would have a slice of bread with some jam.

He didn't see me eat it.

5 minutes later he came to see if I ate it, and then continued to check underneath the couch cushions and under the chair to see if I had hidden it instead of eating it.  I finally convinced him that I DID eat it and he left me alone, muttering to himself that I should have at least had a bowl of cereal or something.  OH WELL.  I'll work around him somehow. . . . .

Another feature on the website is a Body Mass Index calculator.  I know that that isn't 100% accurate, but I think it can give you a pretty good general idea of where you stand.

I think the formula is like, height times weight divided by 2 or something like that, but anyway, this is the key:

Underweight-18.5 or less
Obese-30.0 or more

I score a 30.3, and I was generous with my height.  Yeah.  Call me Mrs. McFatterson.  My target weight range is 104.4-141.1.  While I think 104 lbs is REALLY low for my body shape, somewhere in between those 2 weights would be AMAZING.  My goal is 125, which will be 31 lbs lost, and if I make it, Mama is treating herself to a nice big shopping spree, because my fat pants are gonna be a little baggy.

Here's my ticker :)  I'm only going to update my weight every 1 or 2 weeks, so I'll have that stuff coming on Weight Loss Mondays.

P.S.  I learned how to do a Fishtail braid today, and I'm really excited.  I just had to tell you.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about Latino husbands!!!! I got one just like it. I think it was harder on him than I when I decided to start getting healthy... lol. But now, he's completely trained and is really encouraging. So congratulations to you kn getting healthier! I use myfitnesspal too... Its nice seeing my progress on the ticker :). Keep it up! You'll do great! It's all about making healthier food choices and moving that body :) Good luck!!

  2. Oh man! Good luck Amiga... I finally got to the weight I wanted to be.. and now im upset about my pansa... keyo abs or something... I have a huge eating problem.. especially taco trucks... its literally an addiction... but my bf does the same thing.. he keeps buying chips in the house it is just tickin me off-- keep at it though what works for you keep trying!