Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Grrr okay so I was trying to be all high tech and do a post from my phone but it wasn't cooperating so I'm just saving it to my drafts as a message. And just FYI I have only had this new touch phone for about a week so please excuse any typos. I'll probably go home and edit it all anyways because with every fiber of my being I hate typos. We're on our way to the airport to drop of los abuelos and I'm sitting in the very back of my cunado's Tahoe with the suitcases. Lame. But who doesn't apprecoate a little alone time now and then?  Anyways, I like to start off all relationships with honesty. No surprises later on.  I think a great way to know about a person is the music they listen to. There's nothing like getting to know someone and then looking through their collection and finding Lily Manily. So I just put my ipod on shuffle and i'll share the first ten songs. Maybe it'll expand some of your musical whatevers.  

1-The Way I Am; Ingrid Michaelson. 
2-Pop a Top Again; Alan Jackson 
3-Independent; Webbie 
4-For a Moment There; Garth Brooks 
5-Hey Jude; Across the Universe soundtrack (Although I do love the original) 
6-Ahi Voy; Wisin y Yandel 
7-Ryder Music; 50 Cent (Probably my least favorite song of his ever)
8-Low; Kelly Clarkson 
9-Eighteen Wheeler; Pink 
10-Bust it Baby; Plies ft Ne-Yo

Bahhhhh!  So. Much. Editing.......So. Many. Mistakes......Can't. TAKE IT!

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