Sunday, December 5, 2010


Okay, people, remember the little map on my last blog that shows me when you view my blog and where you're viewing from?  Just follow me people!  Click the button that says follow!  I know there is someone in the Boise-ish area and someone in the Salt Lake-ish area that visit both of my blogs frequently so just clicky-clicky!  So that I know who you are!  And then I could follow your blogs too!!!  Unless, I dunno, that freaks you out, but you're pretty much cyber-stalking me, so I think I'm entitled to do the same.  The prediction I made yesterday was right.  Today was very stressful and irritating eventful but I'm going to have to save that for tomorrow because I have a very horny impatient husband that wants to go to bed *wink*.  So hasta manana (maybe.  If I have time for you.)  And for those of you that blushed or made that huffing noise when you read what I wrote about the husband, I warned you in my other blog that I wasn't censoring this one.

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