Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Good Wife

I can't bring myself to post about my jerk brother-in-law, and everything that happened this week.  I just can't do it.  Because it makes me mad when I think about it.  So, sorry.  But guess what I did for my husband's birthday!  I COOKED!  And it wasn't just everyday American food, thank you very much, it was Salvadorean.  Yeah, you read write (haha, get it? Read write.)  I cooked arroz (rice), that was, thank you very much, DELICIOUS!  And I made frijoles fritos (fried beans), I didn't like them but everyone else did.  And I made some carne (meat), that I even cut up by myself.  That's right ladies and gentlemen, I, Josie Iraheta, touched raw meat.  And the grand finale (drumroll: prrrrrrrrrrrrrrm)........Hand-made tortillas.......TAKE THAT!  TAKE..THAT..!  Oh and I threw in a cake with some strawberry filling.  I know, I know, I'm such a good wife.

So I wanna start vlogging.  Yeah, with a V.  Video-blog.  If I can figure out how to get videos from my phone to the computer, I'll do it.  It won't be a vlog every day.  Just once in a while.  Maybe I'll even throw in some song and dance.  Haha.  NO.

So today Cangrejo was talking to some of his friends from El Salvador that are living in New York.  Apparently they've been Facebook stalking me and they told him that his esposa (wife) is un pedaso de culo.  Yeah, that means piece of ass.  It's a compliment. *Grin*

So I'm thinking I'm going to put a little thing on the side of my blog that has a translation for the Spanish words I use so I don't have to always put the translation in parenthesis.  Good idea, yes?  Okay, I'll do it.  Tomorrow.

And I'm gonna stop saying 'so' at the beginning of every new subject, because it's starting to bother me.


  1. I use "so" a lot, but also "anyways." I feel like maybe I should stop. But I won't. :)

    I'm sure your cooking was wonderful. It's making me hungry at 10am with lunch time still so, so far away.


  2. Yeah, I feel like I would rather have people enjoying what I'm writing instead of wanting to hang me from my toenails.....but then I'm like, eh, what the heck? It's my blog!