Monday, March 14, 2011

Weight Loss Monday 2

Quick question for other people that vlog; Do you do it through youtube?  And if you do; Does it take FOREVER when it says Preparing for Preview?  I feel like I sit here FOREVER waiting to preview it.  And then I NEVER wanna redo it because it takes to long to load or whatever and so I just pray that I don't have a booger or something.

So this week I weigh in at 167.6, probably because I've been so sick, but whatever.  Just watch my vlog or I'll punch you in the nards.  (That last sentence is an actual quote I used on my husband.  Lucky for me, he doesn't know enough English to completely understand what I said.)

Sorry for chewing on my sharpie the whole time.

Am I as abnoxious as I think I am?  And I promise I won't stand up again in a vlog.  You don't need to see that shit.

1 comment:

  1. I want your mom to make me Cheerio bars. God dammit I'm hungry. :/

    And I love how you say "I'm going back to my roots, but not really" because I do that ALL THE EFFING TIME and it drives everyone nuts. LOL!

    Thanks for singing to me baby!!

    And yes, YouTube is what I use and it takes FOREVER. I've started taping myself and saving it to my computer and then uploading, instead of taping myself on YT. Does that make sense? Probably not, but I'm maybe high on DayQuil?