Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Week Ever.....or not.

So I'm just sittin here chillin.  I have been sick ALL WEEK LONG!  I have to apologize to Sara because I was totally gonna sing Happy Birthday to her and then I was so sick that I just couldn't.  But HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY anyways.  So let me update you on my crappy, or more accurate, pukey, week.  Monday I was feeling fine and dandy, Isabel was kind of getting a runny nose, but I was like, we can handle this, we've done it before.  Monday night rolls around and I get a fever.  I go to work anyways because I'M A DEDICATED EMPLOYEE...........anyways that's what I'm trying to put out there.  So then I throw up in the bathroom.  3 times.  I was pale(er) and grumpy.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a happy person at work.  I was not being so happy.  So they sent me home, where my fever got worse. 

Tuesday when I woke up my husband informed me that I WAS NOT going to work.  I was like, whatever, Pancho, (he gets really mad when I call him that) and I went to work in my pajamas.  Because I'M A DEDICATED EMPLOYEE!  Seriously, for my day job I'm an ESL aide (English as a Second Language) and I care about every single one of those kids.  So I went because we were doing testing and the teacher I work with stressed how much she needed the aides there to help her (because, yeah, we're certified!) so last month one aide quit because he's a PA and he got a job with a heart surgeon (he was slumming for a while) and this weekend the other aide decided to take a trip to St. George.  Thanks, dude.  Glad we can count on the girl to show up.  Even though she can BARELY WALK because there's a stabbing pain in her side.  So after 4 hours of testing, I think I must have looked like I was dying because, well, the teacher asked me if I was alive still.  So she sent me home and told me to go to the doctor.

Wednesday my hubby finally convinced me to go to the doctor.  I guess it's a good thing we went.  Apparently I have a kidney infection (wonderful).  I've had one before though, so, whatever.  This time they gave me a SHOT IN THE ASS!!!  Like, a real big one.  This wasn't like a flu shot people.  She warned me that it would be 'thick'.  So when she poked it in my but I was like, that's not so bad, and she goes, "This is where it gets a little rough".  She started injecting the medicine, and ladies and gentlemen, my WHOLE FREAKING RIGHT LEG went numb.  It's a damn good thing I was holding onto the table so that I didn't tip over.  So my right but cheek and right leg were in serious pain for like 3 hours.  Oh, and earlier that day, Isabel shit all the way up her back.  It was in her hair, on my shirt, on my pants, in my hair, on my hand, and on the carpet.  We just went to the bathroom, I stripped her down and stuck her in the bath tub, I stripped down to my underwear, which was cold cause I had a fever, but I couldn't bath her without getting the poop from my pants and my shirt all over the outside of the bathtub.  So then when I was done bathing her I got her dressed and put her to sleep so that I could shower and get the shit out of MY hair.

Thursday we took Isabel to the doctor because her runny nose turned into a cough where if she coughed hard enough she would gag and throw up.  AND she has an ear infection.  Because of all the mucus.  So she got some amoxicillin and we were instructed to clear her nose out with that blue sucker thing and saline drops four times a day.  They told us if she got worse to bring her back.  Thursday night, was one of the worst nights EVER because she was sick, I was sick, we both had fevers, I had thrown up again, and let me tell you, chicken strips?  Bad idea.

Friday I STILL wasn't feeling good, despite the freaking monster shot the stuck in my culo, and on top of that I was getting a cold.  Anyway, Isabel was asleep on my lap, and she freaking STOPPED BREATHING!!!  For like 5ish seconds.  Okay, people, I tried to remain calm.  I kind of wiggled my arm so she would wake up and then she started coughing and breathing again.  Phew, MY BABY IS STILL ALIVE.  So then my husband and my mom walk in the door, I look at my husband, and I go "Isabel was sleeping ah-ah-and s-sh-she s-s-s-s-stttttopped BREATHING!"  And then I broke down and he grabbed both of us and my mom grabbed the phone to call the doctor.  They still had a doctor there so we went in.  HE told us that she has RSV.  Great.  He gave us a number of a 24-hour respiratory therapist to call in the middle of the night for IF SHE GOT ANY WORSE.  But he said that if she turned blue we should just take her to the ER.  He said she wasn't breathing heavy enough that we needed to worry and that I could sleep tonight, but he did suggest we get a humidifier to have in her room at night.  One day I'll share my feelings on humidifiers. 

Today is Saturday.  She is obviously feeling a little better.  She's zooming around like crazy and she's a lot happier than she has been, and last night she slept A LOT better.  I haven't had a fever and I only get one of my freaky bad headaches every couple of hours instead of every time I sit down or stand up.  Now I'm just dealing with this stupid runny nose and sneezing.  Most likely I'll be back to both jobs on Monday :)

I sincerely hope you guys had a better week than I did :)  See you Monday for the Weight Loss Challenge Check In.

Here's Isabel on Tuesday.  Her babysitter took the picture.  Apparently she's a fan of funeral potatoes.
My husband's sexy new tattoo.  It says our last name.


  1. That little face Isabel is making does not look like she is a fan of anything! She looks a little disgruntled! haha
    Good luck this week! May I borrow the word 'culo'? I suspect I'll put it to good use!

  2. You sure can! It's Spanish for ass. There's a song.