Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DaY NiNe

Day Nine: Post a photo of the person who has gotten you through the most. What did this person do for you during your troubled time? What made you turn to them out of everyone else in your life?

My husband has done so much for me.  Even when I was dating HIS FRIENDS he was probably better to me than they were.  However the biggest thing he helped me through was my pregnancy.  That's a husbands job, right?  Well, considering we weren't married (or even really dating for that matter), and I was pregnant with someone else's baby, I think he deserves extra credit.  Before I told my parents about my pregnancy, I was living on campus.  Being sick and scared and alone wasn't my idea of a good nights rest, so he let me sleep in his room at his apartment, and he took the couch.  When he got off work he would ride his bike to campus and then we would ride the bus to Walmart and he would buy me saltine crackers and soup to help calm my stomach.  He's the one that bought my pregnancy tests.  He was there when I took them.  He was the one that held me while I cried all night long, on several occasions, because I was so afraid of what was going to happen.  He went with me to tell my parents that I was pregnant and then when I tried to run out the front door he convinced me to stay and talk to my dad.  Do you know how many of my 'friends' wanted to hang out with me on the weekends while I was pregnant?  Not very many.  Mostly just him. 
Why did I turn to him?  Good question.  But I'm damn glad I did.


  1. You two have a beautiful story. And while I'm here, I watched your weightloss vlog and your cupcake breakfast and Twix lunch sound so close to something I would do! Ugh. I'll stop if you stop? ;)


  2. DEAL! I don't really know what I'm going to eat instead.......but I'll figure something out lol.