Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally summer in northern Utah!  (At least for today it was, tomorrow could be different.)  So we took advantage of it!  Isabel, my parents, and I sat outside for a looongg time.  I played with Isabel until it was time for her nap and then I sat under a big umbrella and listened to music and read a book for almost 2 hours.  It was A-MAZ-ING
I kind of have an issue though..... at the beginning of every summer, I put myself through serious amounts of pain in order to get the slightest amount of color in my legs.  My arms toast pretty nicely, my legs on the other hand.....not so much.  After sitting in the sun for about an hour this is what my legs looked like...

That's it.  Why did only that part burn?  I don't know.  There was no shade, I didn't cross my legs, nothing.  My legs just hate my guts and want to be alabaster forever.

This was before Isabel's bath time last night.  I'm teaching her to take cheesy photos in the mirror.
(And yes, we have Labradors on our bathroom wallpaper.  Just more evidence of how redneck my family actually is.)

Can you see the tan lines on Isabel's arms?  That was last night.  You should see her now that we spent more time outside.  And she was even wearing sunscreen.

I forgot to tell you last week that my little brother went to PROM!  He has been in love with this girl since like 8th grade and they've been friends since they were like 5.  Does she like him too?  Good question.  I think YES because why else would she be hanging around?  He hasn't even kissed her.  Not even for prom.  (We give him a lot of shit about it)  And I know he's not just lying about it because he's the worst liar in the world.  If he had kissed her, I would know.  (Besides the fact that her mom and our mom are best friends and she has 3 sisters, so if he had kissed her, word would have gotten around by now.)
Did I mention she even goes fishing with him?!  He bought her a fishing license for Valentine's Day.  Romantic right?  Most girls would have given up by now.  My brother is a really nice dude, but he's a weird one.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this goes though...

That's all for now, people!


  1. Awwwww. Isabel is so cute. You're brother is cute, too. How many guys buy a girl a fishing license for Valentine's? Sounds like he's a little shy, there : ) As for the sun, I used to be an esthetician while my son was a baby, be sure you're at least using some SPF 15, the burns are no good. You'll still get a tan ... just a safer one. : D

  2. Yes, he is VERY shy.
    And thanks for that I'll have to go get some :)