Saturday, June 18, 2011

Awesome post, turned lame, and then turned half-decent...

Dear cyber-buddy blogger people:

I had a beyond awesome post planned for yesterday.  Unfortunately my plan was foiled because some dumb ass at some internet company or something clipped some wires yesterday morning and my internet was down until this morning.  You would think that I would put up that awesome post today except for my memory sucks.  (No thanks to some dumb stuff I did in high school AND I'm pretty sure that 'forgetfulness hormone' that you get when you're pregnant is hanging around still.)  I wanted to do a vlog for El Dìa "E" that I heard about over at Ezzy's blog as well as a few other places and tell you about mi palabra favorita en español ( my favorite word in Spanish).  All day long I was trying to think of what word is my favorite, and I finally thought of one.....but now I've forgotten which one it was.  Anyway!!!

We're down to the final games of la copa de oro (The Gold Cup).  Today we went to Cangrejo's boss's house to watch this game:

Mexico 2-1 Guatemala

HONESTLY, I probably would have been cheering for Mexico, but I like rooting for the underdog.  Plus, everyone there was either from Guatemala or El Salvador, except for me and Isabel, and Central Americans stick together so I figured it was in my best interest to cheer for Guatemala.

Tomorrow it's a double-header!!!


Of course I'll be the only one out of my friends rooting for the Good Old U.S. of A. because Honduras is in Central America, and as I said, they stick together.  After that game it's 

El Salvador

Let's face it people.  El Salvador's national team, is not the best, but they can put up a good fight if they really want to.  I'm pretty sure Panama is considered Central America, but we don't know anyone from there so we don't have to worry about it.  Plus, since Cangrejo is from El Salvador, we would be cheering for them, anyway.  If USA and El Salvador win tomorrow, they'll be playing against each other to see who will play Mexico in the final game.  Ladies and Gentlemen, that would be one intense game.  If that happens, I will be cheering for USA, not because I was born here and it's my country, but because it will make things very interesting.  So I'm really hoping that happens.   And!  AND!  If El Salvador just happened to win and then actually BEAT MEXICO (which I'm doubting.  Just being realistic here.)  I will have A LOT of drunk Guanacos (Salvadorean) and Chapines (Guatemalans) on my hands.

Haha.  Cangrejo keeps peeking over my shoulder as I write this, and I think he's really excited that I'm taking more of an interest in soccer.  Let me tell you, watching little kids play soccer, could make anyone hate it, but if you watch a professional game (or even just adults that are half-decent) it's pretty awesome.  If I could get enough people interested, I would start a women's league here.  Unfortunately, due to cultural stuff, I just don't think it's going to happen.

This is how it goes with the people we hang out with:  The men work, drink, and play soccer.  The women work (some of them), take care of a billion babies(or walk around incubating them), and cook.  And on the weekends the men play soccer and then everyone drinks, dances, and eats.  Not that I'm complaining.  I like it.  And OBVIOUSLY I'm a gabacha (white American), so if I'm not cooking pupusas all the time it's no biggy.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

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