Monday, March 19, 2012


So, I forgot to show you guys what I did a couple weeks ago.

Yeah.  I got a tattoo.  This picture was taken like an hour after I got it, so it's kind of red against my paper white skin.  Also, some of the red is blood stain, because apparently, I'm a bleeder.  

Also, it hurt like a bitch.  I don't know what's wrong with all those people that are like, "Oh, it doesn't hurt that bad, and after a few minutes your skin kind of goes numb so you don't really feel anything".  Bull shit.  Let me break down that sentence a little.

" doesn't hurt that bad..." - Uh.....yes, it freaking does.
"...after a few minutes your skin goes numb..." - No, it doesn't.
" don't really feel anything..." - Yeah, you do.  And anyone that says otherwise can rot in hell.

I have a pretty high pain tolerance, people, but I almost couldn't handle this.  I was sitting backwards on a folding chair, and I was gripping the back of it so hard that my fingers had turned completely white.  I was giving myself kind of a mental pep talk and trying some relaxation things I learned while I was in labor, but it was all in vain.  Cangrejo kept asking me if I was okay and telling me that I could stop if I wanted to, but when I start something, I finish it, damn it.  And I didn't cry because the guy said that he would charge me an extra twenty bucks if I did.

Now, don't worry, this isn't something I did on a whim.  And some of you might remember a post I did saying that I would never get a tattoo.....well I lied.  I've been thinking about this tattoo for about a year and planning what I wanted.  My tattoo is for Isabel.  Originally, I was just going to get a sun because my mom has always called me 'Sunshine' and that's what I always call Isabel, but I wanted something a little bit more meaningful.  

I was in a really bad place and doing some reaaalllllyyyy bad things before I got pregnant, but as soon as I found out that I was going to be a mother, I dropped everything.  I can't imagine where I would be today if I wouldn't have had Isabel.  That's why I decided to put the sun in front of the clouds along with 'Salio El Sol'.  The words 'Salio El Sol' are Spanish for 'the sun came out' or 'out came the sun' (and I realize that there should be an accent above the 'o' in 'salio' and you have no idea how much it bothers me to have a punctuation error like that on my body, but I'm going back in a couple months to get that fixed.)   ANYWAY.  That's why I got what I did, and I'm really glad that I did it.

It hurt really bad.  Will I ever get another one?  Maybe.  Probably.


  1. I keep thinking I want to get a shamrock, but then think.... I'll probably regret it. At age 30 I have more brains in my head than I did when I was 18, and I know that in 20 years I'll think I look like a crazy old person with a saggy weed on my body instead of a shamrock. SO.. I probably won't. Maybe.

  2. That was kind of my reasoning. But I was like ehhhh, fuck it. It's on the back of my shoulder so I have to wear certain shirts to show it off, and so when I'm old and saggy I probably won't be wearing anything to revealing anyways, so I can just cover it up.

  3. Hi Josie, lisa here (From one Country to Another) saw that you recently started following, thanks and hope you dont mind me also following you on your journey.

    I have a tattoo on the back of my shoulder also and I have to say it hurt like hell. I almost passed out. Even though it hurt so bad I still think I might eventually get another.

  4. Thanks, Lisa :) Yeah, I was pretty sure I was going to pass out, too.....but I'm still kind of thinking of another one!