Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Stalk, quitting job, stuff like that...

It's time for Blog Stalk Friday again over at Rockin' Mama so go link up and then check out some other blogs! You can also link up your Twitter, Facebook, or whatever else you want.

In other news.....I know I've been kind of MIA recently.....I don't have any good excuses except that I'm reading 'The Help' and so whenever I get a spare minute I READ.  So far it's fantastic, FYI, and ya'll should read it.  When they make a book into a movie, I always try to read the book before I see the movie because (depending on the book) you find out what's going on in the characters' minds instead of just hearing what they're saying on screen.  ALSO, just something else to throw in here, I am a Harry Potter freak and if you haven't read the books there is no way you can fully appreciate the movies, so don't tell me that you do.  Anyway, I'm really looking forward to finishing this book and then seeing the movie :)

Last Monday (as in not Monday this week, but the one before) I gave my 2 weeks notice at work.  I'm really upset.  I LOVE my job, but they won't give me more than 19 hours a week and there's no benefits.  I'm just not making enough money, not to mention I spend a good portion of my check every month on gas to get to work.  It's completely on the other side of the Valley.  I cannot express how freaked out I am about this.  I know the girl that's taking my place, and she's a great girl, and she's smart, and I know that she'll care about the kids, but they're MY kids.  For the majority, I know their individual little quirks and how to get around them to make them get motivated to go to class or to get their work done.  I check all of their grades every week and keep track of what it is that they need to get caught up on.  For my students that don't speak English, I feel as though they rely on me because I'm the link between them and their teachers.  I make sure copies get made of the class materials in Spanish so that they can do the work and get credit for it.  I'm helping teach these kids an ENTIRE LANGUAGE.  Let me tell you what, you don't realize how absolutely ridiculous the English language is until you try to teach it to someone.  Like why choose and lose sound the same instead of choose and loose.  I spent 15 minutes on that the other day.  I'm just worried that some of these kids are going to get pushed aside and not get taken care of.  They KNOW that I care about them, and that's not something they get a lot from people.  They know that even though they can trust me and come to me with their problems I WILL NOT take any of their shit.  UGH anyways.  I'm getting upset and starting to freak out again.

Hopefully, I'll have more stuff coming soon.  I have some stuff up my sleeve ;)

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